The Jelmoni Studio Gallery has been founded in 1995 with artist like Denis Santachiara, Bruto Pomodoro, Eugenio Degani, Marina Burani,Graziano Pompili, Fondazione Pomodoro, Domodinamica Milano, Iler Melioli, Massimiliano Cammellini, Walter Davanzo, Nino Jelmoni, Omar Galliani, Michelngelo Galliani, Horst Kistner, Fabian Freese, Francesco Merletti, Ralf Rainer Odenwald.

From more than 15 years the gallery works in cultural centre among the most active of Berlin, London and Milan treating with the Pictorical, Pop, Minimal, Concectual art, Video art, industrial design.

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The gallery keep the committement of showing the best of the internation contemporary art.

The gallery keep on proposing emergents artists, keeping his own research spirit that always distinguishes it, collaborating with some artists teachers of Brera’s academy.

The gallery organize also exhibitions in public spaces with specific curatoring projects and with the pubblication of catalogs.

Jelmoni Elena graduated at the Belle Arti Brera’s Academy (Milan) in theatrical and cinematographical scenography with Tito Varisco scenographic director of Milan La Scala and Gastone Mariani rector for long time of the Belle Arti Brera’s Academy.

After have been worked at Elfo’s Theatre of Milan, Regio Theatre of Parma, Scala Theatre of Milan, Piccolo Theatre of Milan, Carcano Theatre, Parenti Theatre of Milan decided to found the Jelmoni Studio Gallery.


If the world were clear, art would not exist

Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus (1942)

Jelmoni gallery
via Molineria S. Nicolò 8
Piacenza, Italy

For further informations:
ph. +39 0523 490 827